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Ecosafe Green Technology Joint Stock Company is one of the first companies in the field of fire protection that researches new technologies to minimize the impact on the environment and ecological environment. Founded by shareholders with long-term experience in the field of fire protection, design, construction, providing solutions related to fire protection, our company always concerns about creating breakthrough solutions, high efficiency and have a positive impact on people and our daily living environment. So, through the 5-year process of research, we are proud to launch the fire extinguisher products with water-based technology. This is a synchronous product, meeting both fire safety and environmental safety standards. Ecosafe's water-based fire fighting solution is superior to other fire extinguishing agents due to working principle; just remove the oxygen and reduce the heat of the objects below the threshold that can re-burst. The outstanding feature of the technology is the application of natural materials that change the resilience of the water molecule surface quickly and differentiate water molecules, helping absorb heat from the fire source, after that immediately dissipates heat. The fire will quickly cool down and turn off completely.
Currently, Ecosafe produces fire extinguishers, fire prevention solutions, advises and provides effective fire-fighting solutions to apply water-based solution technology for specific projects of oil, gas, electricity, chemical industries , high-rise buildings, civil building to meet the needs of society in this field. In addition, our company also distributes emergency kits for families, cars, vans etc and especially the high-class fire extinguishers for families. With the goal of becoming one of the pioneer groups in providing solutions and application of Fire Protection technology, we are committed to providing Vietnamese brand products, services and solutions for green fire prevention which meets international standards to satisfy customers and contribute to protect and improve the quality of our living environment.


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